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Your messages truly mean the world.  We'd love to hear what we do means to you.  If you love your pieces, please be sure to click "Leave a Review" below and shoot us a message!  Thank you!


"Started with one, have now purchased 4 more...thought I was headed for carpal tunnel surgery...but noticed the pain start to lessen. What an awesome benefit of a beautiful bracelet."


"Sooo in love with this jewelry. It is stylish, beautifully made and I swear the magnets help with my arthritis. The owners have made me numerous custom pieces as well. Highly recommend! 5 stars!!!!"


"I’ve been wearing mine for 2 years now and the intense pain I experienced from occipital neuralgia is totally gone. I was able to go off the medication I had been taking for years so if you have pain, I highly suggest you try one!"


"My daughter and I bought matching bracelets at the Cleveland home and Garden show. They sized them to fit our wrists, and made sure that we were satisfied. We love the bracelets and will definitely order more."


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