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Please visit the FAQ page to read about how magnetic therapy works, how to size jewelry, and answers to other common questions.



Sean Fox, Kailey Fox, and Jennifer Hoffman Fox are the jewelry designers behind UMJ. Sean started Unique Magnetic Jewelry twenty years ago after having success with magnetic therapy from a car accident injury. He began by making and selling jewelry at small craft shows on the weekends in New York. Eventually after years of starting up and hard work it became his full time job. He decided to move to Western Pennsylvania after meeting his wife Jennifer at a craft show. Along with Jennifer came Kailey which Sean later made the decision to adopt. Sean, Kailey, and Jennifer all now work from their workshop in their home in Greensburg. What started as a way to help Sean with his pain turned into a successful family business. You can find Sean, Kailey, and Jennifer at many popular craft shows on the east coast along with their dogs Oliver and Giselle. Look out for them in the pink!

inside booth for Unique Magnetic Jewelry
outside space for Unique Magnetic Jewelry
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